Saturday, June 15, 2019

Is Your Deal Legal?

collection company michiganIs your deal legal? Did you have a legal document drawn up? Are you in the habit of making deals without a signed contract? That’s probably a bad idea. 

When you’ve made an oral agreement, it’s good practice to follow it up with something in writing. Even a quick email stating something like: “This confirms our understanding that you’ll pay $3,000 for 500 widgets.”

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Get it in Writing!

collection company michiganYour handshake deal is legal, so why does everybody tell you to “get it in writing?” That “if it isn’t written, it doesn’t exist”? The two main reasons are:

Memories fade: You may have a very clear understanding of your agreement at the time you shake hands or hang up the phone, but what will your memory be like in six months? What will your customer’s memory be? You may both, in good faith, have different recollections of your deal. How do you decide who’s right?

People lie: When your debtor denies that a contract existed, tries to change its terms, or misrepresents the negotiated price, you have no document that establishes the truth.

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