Friday, May 15, 2015

When to Turn Your Account Over to a Michigan Debt Collection Attorney

You know you need to take the next step with an account, but making collections is a daunting prospect. Why not leave it to the experts?

Muller Law Firm can help with debt collection!

Our experienced debt collection attorneys can help you whether you are just in the process of starting an action, or still pursuing collection.
Michigan debt collection attorney

When You’re Wasting Your Valuable Time…

Your time is important to you, and you shouldn’t waste it trying to track down a debtor. The technology and resources needed to find an account is difficult and a long process. Let the professionals handle it for you, and get better results!

When a Debtor Isn’t Responding…

Traditionally, a debtor will receive many, many letters from collection agencies about their debt. The majority of these letters will be ignored, but a letter from an attorney threatening legal action will usually provoke a debtor to respond and take action. A legal representative will ensure that your letters to a debtor get a fast response.

When You’re Not Sure of Your Next Step…

You should call a debt collection attorney if you’re not sure about what your next step should be. An experienced attorney will put together a strategy that will get you the most out of your suit.

Your Result-Oriented Lawyers: More Than 50 Years of Credit and Collections Experience…

The law firm of Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., has successfully represented and handled collection matters for more than 50 years. Our attorneys know how to get results for our clients and they are dedicated to getting a satisfactory outcome.

Friday, May 1, 2015

When Can the Creditor Pull a Consumers Credit Report?

Are you frustrated with consumers who fail to pay their bills on time? 

Does your business run a credit report on a consumer before a purchase is final?

Do you need a solution to your customers failing to pay on time?

Are you looking for a law firm that specializes in commercial collections in Michigan?

Muller Law Firm is a commercial collections firm in Michigan. We protect the rights of creditors in many different types of industries including manufacturing, financial services, insurance, advertising, information technology, communications, and more. Our commercial collections attorneys have handled cases involving delinquent accounts of all types, breach of contract, damage claims, accounts receivable collections for all industries, including deficiency balances, checks, liens and property damage. 
commercial collections in Michigan

If you have a client that falls into any of the above categories that we file claims on, you may be wondering if we can run your debtor’s credit report. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, creditors’ are allowed to pull a consumers credit report for any of the following reasons stated in 15 USC § 1681 et seq:

(a)  In general, any consumer reporting agency may furnish a consumer report under the following circumstances and no other:

(1) In response to the order of a court having jurisdiction to issue such an order, or a subpoena issued in connection with proceedings before a Federal grand jury.
(2) In accordance with the written instructions of the consumer to whom it relates.
            (3)To a person which it has reason to believe
(A) intends to use the information in connection with a credit transaction involving the consumer on whom the information is to be furnished and involving the extension of credit to, or review or collection of an account of, the consumer; or
(B) intends to use the information for employment purposes; or
(C) intends to use the information in connection with the underwriting of insurance involving the consumer; or
(D) intends to use the information in connection with a determination of the consumer’s eligibility for a license or other benefit granted by a governmental instrumentality required by law to consider an applicant’s financial responsibility or status; or
(E) intends to use the information, as a potential investor or servicer, or current insurer, in connection with a valuation of, or an assessment of the credit or prepayment risks associated with, an existing credit obligation; or
(F) otherwise has a legitimate business need for the information
(i) in connection with a business transaction that is initiated by the consumer; or
(ii) to review an account to determine whether the consumer
continues to meet the terms of the account.
(G) executive departments and agencies in connection with the issuance of government-sponsored individually-billed travel charge cards.

If you’re a business owner, you may decide that having a commercial collection law firm work on your unpaid invoices is your best choice. That’s an area we specialize in, and we’re happy to discuss your options. 

Are you worried you may have to shut down your business due to unpaid invoices? We can help you in in-state, out of state, and international judgment collections and enforcement. Contact our Michigan commercial collection attorneys today at (248) 645-2440 for a free no obligation consultation.