Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Michigan Healthcare Collections

Are your patients failing to pay their medical bills?

Do you have multiple accounts that need attention?

Are your payment reminders not working out?
bill collectors Michigan

Don’t let the stress of trying to contact and get results weigh you down any longer! Let our team of experienced bill collectors in Michigan do the hard work for you. You work hard and deserve to be compensated for your services. If you aren’t getting your invoices paid, it’s time to get an attorney involved.

When medical bills can be turned over to collections:

  • Late payments - even by one day - you may be able to send the account to collections. There’s no federal law that stops a medical provider from turning an unpaid account over to collections just because a patient is making payments.  
  • If a patient has not paid a bill because they’re disputing it, or if they’re waiting for their insurance company to pay it.

Time To Hire Bill Collectors in Michigan?

When you hire one of our expert attorneys, you can be sure that we will work hard to get the results you expect, and do it in an ethical, timely manner. We will aggressively seek what’s owed to you.

Contact us our Grand Rapids office today at 616-454-4401 for a resolution to your medical collection matters! We care about you, and the success of your business.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Business to Business Debt Collection

Has a business deal gone bad?

Are you having a hard time tracking down debtors after a payment is late?

Are you looking to file a lawsuit against a business partner?

At Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms, & Myers, P.C., we can help you! When you hire our collection firm to handle your debt collection case, you’ll be working with established legal collectors.
debt collection Michigan

To successfully obtain a judgment, you must confirm that the debt is valid and accurate by presenting evidence in court. Types of evidence can include:

  • Contracts signed by both parties agreeing to the payments.
  • Canceled checks of previous payments.
  • Emails that indicate concession of a debt.
  • Purchase orders showing the amount owed.
  • Invoices previously submitted for the debt.
  • Account statements showing payment history or lack thereof.
  • Any other relevant documents that demonstrate the existence and nature of the debt.

The Muller Law Firm has been a successful legal collection company in Michigan for more than 56 years. This is possible because our experienced and qualified attorneys work hard to get results for you. Not only do we listen to our clients concerns, but we also help each of our clients figure out an effective strategy to collect their receivables.

Imagine not having to worry about going after debtors yourself. You’ll have more time to focus on other important parts of your business! 

File For Debt Collection in Michigan Today!

If you’re a business owner, you may decide that having a debt collection law firm work on your unpaid invoices is your best choice. That’s an area we specialize in, and we’re happy to discuss your options.

The law firm of Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., has successfully represented and handled collection matters for more than 56 years. Our attorneys know how to get results for our clients and they are dedicated to getting a satisfactory outcome. Contact our firm for debt collection in Michigan today at (248) 645-2440 for a free no obligation consultation.