Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Spot a Fake Debt Collector in Michigan

Are your customers claiming that scammers are calling them demanding debt payment?

Did you hire a professional debt collector in Michigan?
debt collector in Michigan

If you’re not sure you hired a professional debt collector who honors the Michigan Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, here’s what you need to know in order to spot a scammer. Unethical or illegal debt collectors will often try to collect by:

1.    Using threats
2.    Demanding payment today
3.    Refusing many forms of payment
4.    Failing to identify themselves
5.    Referring the debtor to the creditor and not to an agency
6.    Answering the phone directly when a debtor calls back
7.    Dealing with the same individual over and over again

If your clients are unsure whether the collection call they received is legitimate, the above tips should help you guide them. In addition, you should think about whether the collection service you hired is experienced enough to serve your needs.  

Contact our experienced debt collectors in Michigan today at (248) 645-2440 for an immediate resolution to your collection matters. Our firm was built on the values of integrity, fairness, honesty and respect. As one of Michigan’s leading collections firms, our attorneys have successfully handled collection services in Michigan involving everything from retail to business debts and from the simplest to the most complex post judgment recoveries.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

What Can You Prove in Court?

Do you have outstanding debts owed to you?

Have you considered hiring a collection service in Michigan?

Do you know what will be required of you if your case goes to court?

Many businesses ask these questions when tracking down unpaid debts. The good news is that many debt collection cases that go before a judge can be resolved quickly, especially when handled by expert lawyers. Sometimes, however, a debtor will dispute a claim, and it’s important to be prepared if this happens. Having appropriate documentation is essential to resolving debt collection cases in your favor.

You may be thinking: “If the majority of debt collection cases don’t go to trial, why do I need to be worried?” But times are changing fast. Jack Gordon of WebRecon reports that consumer debt litigation is up 18.1% from last year, and that this is part of a steady trend. Some debts are sold to debt collection firms, and may change hands several more times before they go to court. Because of this, some claims are filed without enough proof of debt, and some lawyers may bank on this to defend debtors. When you hire collection services in Michigan, you should be ready with specific documentation that proves you own the debt, how much is actually owed, and how much interest may have accrued.

If you can come prepared with the proof that you have the right to collect and hire a firm like Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., your chances of putting your debts behind you will greatly increase. We handle your case with the professional attention it deserves and we’re well prepared to use all our options to collect your overdue debts. For over 50 years, we’ve tracked down overdue accounts, and we provide a number of other services as well. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you eliminate the stress of paying your bills!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Secured Debt Verses Unsecured Debt

Have you lent money to a client or partner?

Is it taking a long time for that debt to be repaid?

What is your debtor’s motivation to repay their debt in a timely manner?

How much trust do you have when you loan money?

These are questions that every business should ask before giving a loan. There are many different types of loans, and depending on your relationship with your debtor, you may choose one over the other. One big distinction is between secured and unsecured debt. Knowing the differences – and the risks – of the types of loans you’re giving out can be important when the due date rolls around.
Collection Services Michigan
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Secured debt is when money is borrowed and some collateral is put down to ensure it’s repaid. One of the biggest examples of this is a home – If the debtor fails to repay his or her mortgage, the bank can take the house back to make up what it’s owed. Secured debt is generally safer, so you can sometimes afford to be less strict with your loan terms and conditions. Collection services can be more effective with secured loans, since you have a legal right to take back the collateral if the loan isn’t repaid.

Unsecured debt can be more difficult to collect. Credit cards are good examples of unsecured debt: the cardholder can make charges all month without paying or promising anything at the time, but when the end of the month rolls around, they have to pay. For these types of loans, you have no immediate legal right to seize the debtor’s assets if they fall behind on payments. However, you can seek your money through other means – court garnishing of wages, reporting the default to credit bureaus, and yes, hiring a collection firm. These loans often have stricter terms and higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk. A borrower’s credit history is often requested when setting up unsecured loans.

When in the market for collection services, Michigan businesses look to Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C.. We have experience collecting on all types of debt, and we’ll work with you to understand the specifics of your situation. You can get started today by filling out the email form on our website, where we can answer all your questions. We offer a free strategy consultation, so contact us soon!