Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to Prevent Business Credit Fraud

Are you worried about business credit fraud?

Are your customers failing to pay their credit card bills?

Have you seen a customer racking up huge bills in the blink of an eye?
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Business credit fraud is a huge problem in this country. Whether you own a big business or small business, business credit fraud is something you need to worry about! If someone commits business credit fraud, your business is likely out that money because the culprit can be difficult to track down.

What can you do to ensure you’re signing someone up for a credit card who’s less likely to commit fraud? Follow these 5 tips recommended by attorneys for debt collection in Michigan:

1.    Perform a background check
2.    Double check references
3.    Validate the customer’s address
4.    Check IDs
5.    Check your customer’s credit score

Attorneys For Debt Collection in Michigan Fight for Your Creditors’ Rights!

When you feel like you’ve reached a dead end trying to collect on your own, it’s time to let the experts fight for your creditor’s rights. If you’re struggling to collect on unpaid invoices and need help finding a solution, our experts handle in-state, out of state, and international judgments against debtors located in Michigan. 

Don’t let your claims disappear! Don’t let the debtor get away!

When you have an experienced debt collection attorney on your side, you’ll have more time to focus on other important parts of your business!

Friday, July 1, 2016

“Can Muller Guarantee Recovery of My Money?”

Every case is different! As a result, it’s hard to predict what your recovery might be. If your debtor wants to settle out of court or insists on going to trial, your ultimate recovery could be larger or smaller. There are many factors that determine your chances of success, but one thing we do know is that if you don’t try, you probably won’t get anything!

If you hire a law firm that promises you the world, but can’t deliver, you’ll be disappointed. Hire a debt collection attorney in Michigan who is experienced and has a proven track record for recovering overdue payments. At Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., we promise that we’ll pursue your claim according to methods we’ve learned over decades of experience.

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If the judge rules in your favor but the debtor still isn’t paying you, there’s a way around it! For example, we can file a property lien, judgement lien, or sometimes even garnish your debtor’s wages to obtain your money.

We’ve been a successful Michigan collection firm for 55 years. This is possible because our experienced attorneys work very hard to get results for you! Not only do we listen to our clients, but we use time-tested tactics to collect the money owed to you.

File For Debt Collection in Michigan Today!

If you’re a business owner, you may decide that having a debt collection law firm work on your unpaid invoices is your best choice. That’s an area we specialize in, and we’re happy to discuss your options.

The law firm of Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., has successfully represented and handled collection matters for more than 55 years. Our attorneys know how to get results for our clients and they are dedicated to getting a satisfactory outcome. Contact our firm for debt collection in Michigan today at (248) 645-2440 for a free no obligation consultation.