Friday, September 15, 2017

3 Simple Ways to Deal With Problem Checks!

Are you having a problem processing your debtors’ checks?

Is your debtor writing checks that don’t clear the bank?

Do you need help getting your company on the right track?

Checks may bounce because of a mistake by your customer. Mistakes can happen, they may have just forgotten to deposit enough funds in their account to cover all of their bills. 
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With a few simple steps, you can minimize the impact of nonsufficient funded checks by following this advice:

  1. Deposit checks as soon as you receive them
  2. Anticipate that nonsufficient checks will happen
  3. Know your customer

According to the Credit & Collections Kit for Dummies, “If the customer doesn’t immediately offer to replace the nonsufficient check with a cashier’s check, deposit the same check a second time. The second time may be the charm, and it just may clear.” Your best bet is to call your customer’s bank to see if there are sufficient funds to cover your check. In the long run, you could save yourself a huge headache. 

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