Monday, July 31, 2017

Need to Enforce or Renew a Judgment?

Are you having a hard time collecting payment from your debtors?

How can you enforce a judgement?

Are you allowed to renew your claim?

According to the Credit & Collections Kit for Dummies, written by Steven A. Harms, former senior partner at Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms, & Myers, P.C., “a lot of people believe that if they get a judgment from the court, their debtor must promptly pay you in full. In many cases, it isn’t over by a long shot.”

Watch out for debtors who try to persuade you to set aside your hard-earned judgment in exchange for a written promise to pay the balance. They probably have no intention to pay back what’s owed. You’re going to have to work much harder to get paid, perhaps including obtaining a writ of seizure, seizing their assets and selling them off to bank the proceeds.

Debtor Still Hasn’t Paid? How Do You Renew a Debt?

The easiest way to renew a debt is to obtain a partial payment on the account before the statute of limitations run out. In Michigan, a partial payment starts the statute all over again as of the date of payment. For example, if the statute of limitations is four years, if three years and eleven months have passed and you convince a debtor to make a payment on the account, the payment starts the time to sue all over again. You have four more years to sue for the debt! Great loophole! 

Not sure where to start in your debt collection process? Contact an experienced attorney for debt collection in Michigan today. At Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms & Myers, P.C., we can help you reach your business goals!

File For Debt Collection in Michigan Today!

If you’re a business owner, you may decide that having a debt collection law firm work on your unpaid invoices is your best choice. That’s an area we specialize in, and we’re happy to discuss your options.

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