Monday, May 15, 2017

Writs of Seizure

debt collection attorneys MichiganWhat is a Writ of Seizure?

Is it the best course of action?

Is it worth it?

According to Steven A. Harms, former senior partner with at Muller, Muller, Richmond, Harms, & Myers, P.C., although issuing a Writ to Seize assets is often the first action taken following the entry of a money judgment for a specific amount of money—it really shouldn’t be a knee jerk reaction to collecting the judgment. In fact, it may not be the best course of action at all. The fact of the matter is that there are points along the collection path that require a certain amount of good old fashioned strategy.

Once you have entered your money judgment for a specific amount of damages, and the 21 day appeal period has run, ask yourself: “what is the most effective way to collect this judgment?” That may involve contacting the judgment debtor for collection; using garnishment to tap into property held by third parties; or using the Writ of Seizure to acquire property held by the defendant.

The Muller Law Firm has been a successful collection law firm in Michigan for more than 56 years. This is possible because our experienced and qualified attorneys work hard to get results for you. Not only do we listen to our clients concerns, but we also help each of our clients figure out an effective strategy to collect their receivables.

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