Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bad Check Laws in Michigan!

Are your clients writing bad checks?

Are you having a hard time balancing your books?

Do you need a collection attorney to go after your bad checks?

Did you know that in the state of Michigan, writing a bad check greater than $50 is a felony? Also, that any check that bounces less than $50 is considered a misdemeanor in the state?
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In addition to criminal fines and penalties, the check writer may be forced to cover civil damages. Since the Michigan law was last changed, the state now allows the victim to sue for damages. The victim must first request a payment from the offender by a set due date. If the offender neglects to pay reparations, the victim can sue for the entire amount of damages and the original bad check. Damages can include as much as double the amount of the original check.

For criminal penalties, a debtor may have to pay up to $250 in fines and serve six months in jail or pay a $500 fine and serve one year in jail depending on the severity of the offense.

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Call An Experienced Debt Collection Attorney in Michigan Now!

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